Facebook forcing Standalone Facebook Messenger app for messaging

Facebook forcing Standalone Facebook Messenger app for messaging

Facebook has recently released a standalone messaging app - Facebook Messenger app - which will have to be downloaded by all Facebook users who want to access the chat feature on the social network.

Facebook users who want to use the social networking site as a chat tool or as a platform for making voice calls will now have to download the newly-launched Messenger app. In the near future, Facebook will likely make the app mandatory for all its users if they want to continue using the social network's messaging functions.

With Facebook's announcement of the Messenger app marking the onset of the supposedly forthcoming mandatory migration to the app, and with the app reportedly filled with a number of bugs and glitches, several users have criticized the app vociferously on the Internet.

Facebook is apparently receiving a huge number of messages from users who have slammed the new Messenger app by using phrases like "terrible app" and "ridiculous product." In addition, users have also criticized the app for "lack of privacy," among many other things.

Despite the fact that Facebook is asserting that the Messenger app is a "work in progress," millions of users who have downloaded the app apparently do not consider the app to be any kind of "progress" at all.

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