Triclosan Chemical Found in Toothpaste associated with Cancer-cell Growth: Report

Triclosan Chemical Found in Toothpaste associated with Cancer-cell Growth: Repor

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and other retailers are pressurizing to abolish products that have triclosan. It is an antibacterial chemical which is used in hand soaps and Total toothpaste of Colgate-Palmolive Co.

As per sources, various activists are increasing their efforts to encourage stores to remove triclosan products and other possibly harmful ingredients from their store.

Mike Schade, whose group lobbies to ban toxic chemicals from household products, said they think it is very crucial that retailers and brands like Colgate must take a quick action against removal of the hazardous chemical.

As per sources, Triclosan has been associated with cancer-cell growth and it also causes imbalance in development process of animals. Various companies dealing in consumer-product have already put a ban on sale of such goods.

According to a report, some new questions about the FDA evaluation of Total toothpaste have been raised. FDA approved Colgate Total in 1997.

Scientists who reviewed the document said that FDA might have relied on the company-backed science and might not have paid much carefulness at the time of approving the ingredient.

Thomas DiPiazza, company's spokesperson, said that it has been 18 years since Colgate Total has been in the U. S. market and there have been no issues related to its safety.

Colgate's rival Procter & Gamble Co. on the other hand has decided to remove triclosan from all its products by the end of this year. Some other companies have also decided to remove triclosan from their products. Avon Products Inc. still uses triclosan in its various products and has assured not to use it in the newer goods, as there is no other substitute to it. FDA will give a verdict in 2016 regarding triclosan's safety issues.

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