Lufthansa Pilots to go on Strike on Tuesday

Lufthansa Pilots to go on Strike on Tuesday

Lufthansa pilots will go on an eight-hour strike on Tuesday, said union Vereinigung Cockpit on Monday. The strike is intended to mount the pressure on Lufthansa over an early retirement scheme.

The strike on Tuesday will mark the fourth within three weeks and will be carried out between 7 am to 3 pm. More than half of Lufthansa's 9,000 pilots are represented by German union Vereinigung Cockpit. The pilots want to increase the pace of negotiations to resolve the dispute.

"As Lufthansa management has not put forward an offer that is suitable for a compromise, we see ourselves forced to take further action. We regret any inconvenience to Lufthansa customers", said the union.

According to Lufthansa, it is trying to negotiate the offer with the employees so that the strike can be called off. It said to provide more open details of an early retirement package with the union.

Lufthansa said the walkout move is not appropriate and blamed it for declining profits. Some 475 Lufthansa flights were collectively grounded during the previous three walkouts, which caused troubles to more than 13,000 travelers.

Net income of Lufthansa, which faces tough competition from European budget airlines and major Gulf airlines, has dropped from €255m to €173m in its most recent quarterly results released in July.

During the strike on Tuesday, Lufthansa pilots on international long-distance flights will WALK off the job at Frankfurt airport between 9 am and 5 pm.

The dispute between the two sides surrounds the pilot's demands that Lufthansa must keep paying transition payments for those wanting to retire early. The airline, on the other hand, wants to cut those payments.

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