9to5Mac: Apple Pay service will make mobile payments very convenient

9to5Mac: Apple Pay service will make mobile payments very convenient

According to a recent report from 9to5Mac, Apple's forthcoming Apple Pay service - which is likely to be launched later this month - will apparently make mobile payments extremely convenient.

As per the report, the process of connecting a credit card to the Apple Pay mobile payment platform will be as easy as clicking a picture of it using an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus handset. Another convenient alternative will be to enter credit-card details in a new Passbook & Apple Pay settings tab.

The report has also revealed that users will be able to add up to eight credit and debit cards to the Apple Pay platform. The cards can be added either directly from the cards on file on a user's iTunes account or by manually entering or capturing card information. For each of the cards hooked up to the Apple Pay service by an iPhone 6 user, the service will display all recent transactions.

In addition, the 9to5Mac report has also noted that the settings options provided by Apple Pay have secure integration with associated card companies and banks.

Going by the report, along with displaying recent transactions for each connected card, the Apple Pay service will also offer iPhone 6 users "quick access to download an accompanying App Store app, the ability to contact their bank, the option to receive push notifications, and a display of both their credit card's number and the unique device account number."

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