Researchers discover ‘Information Strings’ through Virtual Computer Experiment

searchers discover ‘Information Strings’ through Virtual Computer Experiment

It has been reported that a team of researchers, through a virtual computer experiment, has discovered 'information strings' with peculiar properties that are needed to control cell metabolism.

Researchers said that the oldest ancestor of life on earth was a protocell, which is a very basic ingredient for creating more advanced artificial life. They said that the most difficult thing was to create the information strings, which are like modern DNA or RNA strings that can be inherited by cell offspring, including protocells.

Researcher Steen Rasmussen from the Center for Fundamental Living Technology (FLINT) said that finding mechanism to create information strings are very important for researchers that are working on artificial life. He said that it will also value to researchers working with tomorrow's technology, like they do at the FLINT Center.

Steen Rasmussen stated that a self-organizing autocatalytic network was created in the virtual pot. He and his colleagues poured the ingredients for information strings.

An autocatalytic network is a network of molecules, which catalyze each other's production. As per researchers, each molecule can be created by at least one chemical reaction in the network, and each reaction can be catalyzed by at least one other molecule in the network.

Steen Rasmussen said, "An autocatalytic network works like a community; each molecule is a citizen who interacts with other citizens and together they help create a society".

Steen affirmed that this autocatalytic set quickly evolved into a state where stings of all lengths existed in equal concentrations. He added that the selected strings had strikingly same patterns, which is not usually found.

Researchers said that they seek ways to develop technology that is based on living and life-like processes. They said if they succeed in this, they will have a world where technological devices can repair themselves, develop new properties and be re-used.

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