Research finds hidden dangers in ‘green' products

Research finds hidden dangers in ‘green' products

According to a new research in Australia, a variety of consumer products including those described as 'green', 'all-natural', 'non-toxic', and 'organic'emit a range of compounds that are harmful to the human health.

The research by Professor Steinemann from theUniversity of Melbourne researcher said that the consumer products emit a range of compounds that can affect health and air quality. The study also said that most of these ingredients are not disclosed to the public.

Dr. Anne Steinemann, Professor of Civil Engineering, and the Chair of Sustainable Citiesfrom the Department of Infrastructure Engineering, Melbourne School of Engineering is a leading global expert on environmental pollutants, air quality, and health effects.

Professor Steinemann said that he studied volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted from 37 different products and that they emitted dangerous compounds. He analysed 37 different products including fresheners, cleaning products, laundry supplies, and personal care products and some of them were marketed as 'green' and 'organic'. He found 156 different VOCs emitted from the 37 products, with an average of 15 VOCs per product.

"The paradox is that most of our exposure to air pollutants occurs indoors and a primary source is consumer products. But the public lacks full and accurate information on the ingredients in these products. Our indoor air environments are essentially unregulated and unmonitored," Professor Steinemann said.

The study was published in the journal Air Quality, Atmosphere & Health.

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