Lab burgers to be in market soon, experts

Lab burgers to be in market soon, experts

A team of scientists have said that laboratory-grown burgers might be available to the general public as soon as in five years.

Scientist Mark Post and his colleagues have been working to better the artificial burger patty and make it commercially available for the general public. A team of scientists in the Netherlands had released the world's first stem cell beef burger in 2013 reportedly with a price tag of $300,000 and it was dry and tasteless. A lot of research has been conducted on the matter many believe that it might be available soon.

Experts said that lab based beef was unimaginable until recent years but advancements in molecular biology and stem cell technology have made the concept closer to reality. Experts say that it makes sense to eliminate animals from the meat equation as the meat industry occupies large part of our land and natural resources. The industry also produces large quantities of greenhouse gases and has given rise to antibiotic resistant infections and many say that it is also cruel and inhumane.

Experts said that if lab-grown meat can replace even a fraction of this, it will address a lot of issues. There are several researchers working on different projects like developing chicken breasts or to culture fish proteinin the lab.

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