Stories like ‘The Martian’ Appeal Masses as It spreads Idea of Achieving Dream

Stories like ‘The Martian’ Appeal Masses as It spreads Idea of Achieving Dream

'The Martian', an extraordinary sci-fi movie directed by Ridley Scott, has gained huge success at box office. The success of the movie clearly shows that the idea in the movie has been liked by viewers.

The main reason behind why stories like 'The Martian' are highly liked by the viewers is that everyone likes to believe that they can fulfill a dream despite several difficulties. The movie shows that anything can be possible, one just need to have a desire for it.

It revolves around the idea of having a desire and strong determination to achieve a goal despite thousands of difficulties. The movie altogether takes the idea of positivity to a new level.

The movie gives a strong message that if you have a focus and you are clear about its outcome, then you will be surprised to see what can actually transpire even in the toughest situation.

The movie's screenplay was written by Drew Goddard who said that at first he thought that this movie could be very much like 'Gravity' hat was written by Alfonso Cuaron and Jonas Cuaron because both the movies started with a powerful trigger and dilemma.

In The Martian, within few minutes of its start a strong storm hits Mars and the mission crew had to cancel their mission and decides to leave the Red Planet. Astronaut Mark Watney gets hit by debris in the middle of a storm and his crew leaves him on Mars.

The entire movie shows various efforts made by Watney to survive on the barren world with very less food. The movie was also appreciated by its viewers as it showed a simplified science that everyone understood.

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