COP21 shows promise for Greener Future by creating realistic plan for both businesses and countries

COP21 shows promise for Greener Future by creating realistic plan for both busin

Paris Climate Agreement, COP21 that held last month has shown that since the 15th session of the Conference of the Parties, COP15, countries across the world have become more keen and willing to not only recognize but prioritize climate change.

The agreement’s most promising and prevalent element was to set 1.5 degrees Celsius as the maximum warming level. This level will be a new low that will be helpful in stopping dangerous and consequential climate impacts for susceptible Pacific Island nations.

Furthermore, the agreement has recognized the diverse needs throughout different kinds of nations and has made necessary for all the countries to review their emissions reduction.

The New York Times reported that it has also dedicated an article based on ‘Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation’ as it is very important because forestry, agriculture and land-use are responsible for nearly a quarter of emissions across the world.

COP21 has shown realistic promise and contrasted the divisive ambiguity of Copenhagen’s COP15 because it brought together all 195 countries at one table for making a commitment to address climate change globally.

Palau’s ambassador to the European Union, Olai Uludong has noticed a group of developing nations up and left COP15. As per the New Yorker, she has called 2015’s conference as, ‘a completely different dynamic between the developed and the developing countries’.

This dynamic is main to address the unique contributions different nations need to make in order to accomplish the goals of the agreement and has been shown in the terms, under which developed nations are responsible for their deliberate nationally determined contributions while they promised funding for tiny island states.

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