Here’s Relaxed-Fit Hoodie with an Inflatable Pillow Embedded in Its Hood

Here’s Relaxed-Fit Hoodie with an Inflatable Pillow Embedded in Its Hood

A crowdsourcing campaign launched on Kickstarter in November is funding a rare sweatshirt which has an inflatable pillow inside its hood. The campaign has raised more than $60,000 which is double the $30,000 goal.

According to the ‘Hypnos Hoodie’ co-founder, Josh Woodle, whose main job is in film production, said he got the idea about it when he was on the way to airport. The product is very much similar to a 2013’s ‘Travel HoodiePillow’, an inflatable neck pillow made out of sweatshirt material that boasted adjustable drawstrings.

The new Hypnos Hoodie looks like a regular comfy hoodie when seen from outside, but on the inside there is a hidden inflatable, ergonomic neck pillow that can be blown up through a nozzle on the inside of the hood.

Woodle recently during an interview with said, “The pillow had to be perfect; it had to feature new shape that was comfortable, versatile, and inconspicuous. Our next focus was to offer a beautiful hoodie that could transition from day on plane straight to the bar at night”.

The team spent several months working to develop a perfect fabric for the hoodie, to find a suitable design and functionality of the garment.

According to its makers the hood also has sufficient space so when the pillow deflates you aren't bothered by it and it's not noticeable to anyone else around you.

Hypnos is currently raising money to fund the first production of sleep hoodies via Kickstarter. Backers who pledged $49 are expected to get their items by the end of March, while the retail price for customers who order after inventory arrives will be somewhere between $59-$100, said makers of the ‘Hypnos Hoodie’.

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