1B--Around 2,500 pink plastic bottles wash up on the Lizard

Around 2,500 pink plastic bottles wash up on the Lizard

Nearly 2,500 pink plastic bottles have been spotted on the Lizard. It happened on Monday morning at Poldhu. People living in that area have been advised to keep little ones and dogs away due to fears that the bottle might be harmful.

Friends of Poldhu’s Alan Noble said that plastic is quite risky for everybody, including human beings. Alan Noble said that one can see hundreds of micro pieces of plastic on the beach. Noble added, “It gets into fish, it gets into the food chain - it gets into us. Most of them are still sealed and they haven't leaked. But who knows how many more are out there being pounded by the surf”.

Volunteers and the National Trust have started clearing up the bottles. A spokesperson for Cornwall Council said that Cornwall Council has received information regarding reports of plastic bottles washed up on Poldhu Beach. The spokesperson mentioned that the National Trust which owns the beach has taken steps to clear away the bottles.

He mentioned that the Council and partners, which includes the Maritime & Coastguard Agency and Natural England, are going to monitor beaches in the regions and will observe the area for any further reports. A beach clean has been arranged for clearing up other rubbish at 10 am on 8th January, Friday.

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