Porsche-Piech family clan “stands firmly behind” VW CEO Matthias Mueller, say insiders

Porsche-Piech family clan “stands firmly behind” VW CEO Matthias Mueller, say in

According to the information shared by unidentified sources aware of the proceedings at Volkswagen (VW), the Porsche and Piech families “stand firmly behind” the beleaguered automaker’s CEO Matthias Mueller, even though he recently faced criticism -- during a visit to the US -- for the way he has handled the VW emissions crisis.

The disclosure by the VW insiders is noteworthy, given the fact that the majority of the voting rights in VW are controlled by the Porsche-Piech family clan.

Mueller was already at the receiving end of criticism for not making a visit to the US earlier, after the VW emissions scandal came to light in September 2015. He further made the situation worse when, during the course of a radio interview last week, he tried to play down the gravity of the emissions cheating by VW.

Mueller’s emissions-scandal related statement infuriated the US government officials when he said that the scandal was a result of a ‘misunderstanding’; and described it as a technical, not an ethical, problem.

About Mueller’s ‘mistake’ while talking about the emissions scandal, a source close to the VW board said: "Everybody can see that Mr Mueller's US trip was not successful. He made a mistake. But that does not mean that we move away from him."

Another source said that the reason why the VW board is ready to overlook Mueller’s mistakes is that he epitomised the new culture the automaker is attempting to promote; and added: "There is nobody else."

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