Boston Dynamics shows off “next-generation” version of ‘Atlas’ robot

Boston Dynamics shows off “next-generation” version of ‘Atlas’ robot

Alphabet-owned robot company Boston Dynamics has posted a new video to its YouTube page to show off the “next-generation” version of its ‘Atlas’ bipedal robot.

The new version of the Atlas robot is an advanced version of the original Atlas model which was launched by Boston Dynamics in 2013. The new Atlas is also the first Atlas robot which boasts a LIDAR system, in which a revolving metal can has been embedded in the head of the robot.

The next-generation Atlas robot is also comparatively much closer in overall appearance to an average human-being than its predecessor. While the somewhat gigantic old Atlas model had a weight and height of 330 pounds and 6 feet respectively, the new Atlas weighs only 180 pounds and is 5-feet-9-inches in height.

Moreover, the original Atlas was tethered to an external power source, whereas the new version of the robot is powered by battery. The new version of Atlas is also sleeker, quieter, and notably more agile than its predecessor.

In the video released by Boston Dynamics, the next-generation version of the Atlas robot can be seen taking a stroll through the snow, slipping and recovering a few times. The robot is also shown squatting down to pick up a box weighing 10 pounds.

About the noteworthy smoothness which Boston Dynamics has brought to the new Atlas robot’s movements, UC Berkeley’s robotic professor Ken Goldberg said: “It’s definitely kind of jaw dropping. They’ve really smoothed out a lot of the motion.”

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