Google rolls out new pilot app called ‘Hands Free’

Google rolls out new pilot app called ‘Hands Free’

On Wednesday, tech giant Google announced the rollout of a new pilot app called 'Hands Free,' which gives users the ability to make payments for items without pulling out their wallet or smartphone from the pocket.

With the help of the new Hands Free app, customers can easily pay for items in stores by telling the staff at the cash counter, "I'll pay with Google."

Announcing the launch of the new hands-free payment system, Google said in a recent post on its commerce blog that the Hands Free app is initially being tested at only a few locations -- including some McDonald's and Papa John's outlets -- in the San Francisco area.

Revealing that the Hands Free app is available for the users of both Android and iOS devices, Google said that the app uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE, as well as smartphone sensors, to track the location of customers to know whether they are close to a participating store.

Highlighting the fact that the new Hands Free app allows users to benefit from a hands-free payments system, Google said on the commerce blog that the company is currently "in the early stages of testing" the app which allows users to "pay in stores quickly, easily, and completely hands-free."

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