Amazon quietly discontinues encryption in Fire OS

Amazon quietly discontinues encryption in Fire OS

In a move which came to light earlier this week, bigwig online retailer Amazon has quietly discontinued encryption in its Fire OS operating system – the software which runs the company’s popular Fire tablets and dreary Fire phone.

According to reports, Amazon discontinued support for encrypted data on its Fire tablets when it upgraded its Fire OS to version 5.0 in September last year.

However, Amazon’s removal of on-device encryption in Fire tablets became known this week, after EFF member David Scovetta revealed -- via a screenshot posted on Twitter – the message he had received from Amazon with regard to encryption support on his Fire tablet.

The message read: “Your device has encrypted data. However, device encryption is no longer supported in Fire OS 5. Follow the steps outlines below to save your data.” Furthermore, the message also added that the owners of Fire tablets can continue with the older Fire OS versions – version 4.0 or later – until they are ready to upgrade their devices to the latest Fire OS version 5.0.

Meanwhile, about the removal of the encryption feature in the Fire OS platform, an Amazon representative said that encryption was one of the several “enterprise features” which was hardly being used by the users of Fire tablets; and was thus removed when Fire OS 5.0 was rolled out last year.

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