Bloomberg: Alphabet is putting Boston Dynamics up for sale

Bloomberg: Alphabet is putting Boston Dynamics up for sale

According to a Bloomberg report, Google's parent company Alphabet apparently has efforts underway to sell its famous robotics firm Boston Dynamics. The high-profile robotics company is the maker of the 'Atlas' humanoid robot. The company was acquired by Google in 2013.

Reporting Google's plans to put Boston Dynamics up for sale, the Bloomberg report has revealed that the potential acquirers of the robotics company include bigwig automaker Toyota and online retail giant Amazon.

Toyota's potential interest in purchasing Boston Dynamics could be rooted in the fact that the automaker already uses robots in its manufacturing plants, and the robotics industry is one of the key focus areas at Toyota's research institute.

Amazon, on the other hand, could be interested in acquiring Boston Dynamics because it has made heavy investments in robotics, acquiring Kiva Systems for a whopping $775 million in 2012. Moreover, Amazon has also made notable efforts to improve speed and efficiency at its warehouses with the help of several robotic solutions.

Meanwhile, with regard to the reason behind Alphabet's plans to sell Boston Dynamics, two unidentified sources "familiar with the company's plans," have told Bloomberg that the executives at Alphabet probably feel that "Boston Dynamics isn't likely to produce a marketable product in the next few years."

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