Google removes Taliban’s ‘Alemarah’ app from Play Store

Google removes Taliban’s ‘Alemarah’ app from Play Store

According to reports, tech giant Google has removed a Pashto-language app -- called 'Alemarah' -- released by the Taliban on the Google Play store. The app, which was reportedly published on the Play store on Friday, April 1, was removed by Google on Saturday, April 2.

The launch of the Alemarah app on the Google Play store marked the addition of the latest digital component to the ongoing insurgency of the fundamentalist group in Afghanistan. The app was apparently created by the jihadist group -- known for launching attacks on civilians -- as an effort to appeal to new recruits in the country.

With regard to the Taliban's release of the Alemarah app on the Google Play store, SITE Intelligence Group said in a Friday report that the app evidently underscored an attempt by the jihadist group to extend its influence across the world, as well as to connect users to its multilingual website and official Taliban videos and statements.

About the reason behind the removal of the Alemarah app from the Play store, Google said that it deletes those apps from the Play store which violate community regulations. The company said that its Play store policies disallow apps which "depict or facilitate gratuitous violence or other dangerous activities," including bomb-making and terror attacks.

Highlighting the fact that the Play store policies have been designed "to provide a great experience for users and developers," Google said in a statement: "That's why we remove apps from Google Play that violate those policies."

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