Amazon officially unveils ‘premium’ $290 Kindle e-reader --- ‘Kindle Oasis’

Amazon officially unveils ‘premium’ $290 Kindle e-reader --- ‘Kindle Oasis’

On Wednesday, online retail giant Amazon officially introduced a new, 'premium' Kindle e-reader called 'Kindle Oasis.'

According to Amazon's announcement, the cost of the new, top-of-the-line Kindle Oasis e-reader will begin at $290; thereby making it one of the most expensive e-readers in the market. The cost of the Kindle Oasis is much higher than the entry-level Kindle e-reader which is priced at nearly $80.

With a total weight of 131 grams, the new Kindle Oasis e-reader is approximately 20 percent lighter than other Kindle models. Moreover, a thickness of barely 3.4 millimeters makes the new Kindle nearly 30 percent thinner than earlier Kindle models.

Some of the key features of Kindle Oasis e-reader -- which boasts a more ergonomic design -- include a 6-inch touchscreen with a screen resolution of 1448 x 1072; an 8.5 millimeter bump on the back side, for comfortable one- handed use; a frontlight with 10 LEDs; and an included leather battery case with a built-in battery that gives the e-reader a standby time of nearly two months.

Describing the new Kindle Oasis e-reader as "best reading device" ever manufactured by Amazon, Chris Green - the company's VP of industrial design - said: "Our goal is to get the device out of the way and just give you the content."

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