Amazon launches ‘’ website that puts Alexa inside the browser

Amazon launches ‘’ website that puts Alexa inside the browser

Online retail giant Amazon has launched a website called ‘,’ which essentially puts the Amazon Echo smart speaker’s Alexa voice-powered artificial intelligence (AI) software right inside the browser.

The new website launch by Amazon basically underscores a browser-based tool to enable the community to use as well as simulate the Echo smart speaker, if they want to try out the $180-priced speaker – and take a realistic look at how it performs – before actually purchasing it.

According to Amazon, anybody can log in to the website with an Amazon account. Once the log in is complete, users can ask questions from Alexa by clicking on the mic button and holding it down.

The questions which the website users can ask from Alexa should be basic questions related to weather, news, information, and music, along with those involving the control of other devices in the home.

Although the website has chiefly been designed for and intended at developers to use as an online community tool, the tool can be checked out by anybody by simply heading to the web page.

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