BlackBerry is discontinuing its Classic smartphone

BlackBerry is discontinuing its Classic smartphone

In an announcement made on Tuesday, Canadian smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry said that it is halting the production of the BlackBerry Classic handset.

The announcement by BlackBerry that its 2014-launched Classic smartphone is being discontinued marks the end of an era, especially since the Classic and some other BlackBerry handsets have been the choicest devices of business executives and world leaders because of their security features and full QWERTY keyboard.

BlackBerry's decision to discontinue the Classic smartphone is yet another indication of the fact that the company is in the process of an apparent shift towards making software and services, instead of mobile handsets which have been the core part of its business thus far.

Since the BlackBerry Classic handset was essentially aimed at snapping up fans of traditional keyboard, particularly in the wake of the increasing dominance of touchscreen smartphones, Ralph Pini - BlackBerry COO and General Manager for Devices - said in a Tuesday blog post, in reference to the discontinuation of Classic smartphone, that "sometimes it can be very tough to let go."

Asserting that "the Classic has long surpassed the average lifespan for a smartphone in today's market," Pini said: "We are ready for change so we can give our customers something better."

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