Apple’s ‘Project Titan’ team now has former QNX CEO Dan Dodge on board

Apple’s ‘Project Titan’ team now has former QNX CEO Dan Dodge on board

In a recently-released report, Bloomberg has revealed that tech giant Apple has brought on Dan Dodge – the founder and former CEO of QNX operating system company – to join its team working on the secretive but much-rumored ‘Project Titan’ electric car project.

According to the report, based on the information shared by unidentified sources, Dodge left Canadian smartphone maker Blackberry to join Apple earlier this year.

Dodge was the head of automotive software group at BlackBerry, which he joined after the acquisition of QNX -- a company specializing in embedded operating systems, especially in vehicles -- by BlackBerry in 2010. He stepped down from his post as the QNX CEO in September 2015.

As per the Bloomberg sources, Dodge has joined Apple's ‘Project Titan’ electric vehicle team, which is being spearheaded by Bob Mansfield, a retired Apple hardware engineer who has been brought back by the company to lead development on ‘Project Titan.’

Highlighting the fact that Apple now has Mansfield heading the ‘Project Titan’ initiative and Dodge on the team, the Bloomberg report said that the company is apparently shifting its focus from building a full-fledged electric vehicle to developing self-driving software.

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