App Annie: Pokémon Go hit 100 million downloads worldwide this weekend

App Annie: Pokémon Go hit 100 million downloads worldwide this weekend

According to new statistics released by App Store intelligence firm App Annie on Monday, Nintendo’s hit mobile game Pokémon Go – which was launched last month – achieved the ‘100 million downloads worldwide’ milestone this past weekend.

The worldwide Pokémon Go download figures released by App Annie are an indication of the ceaseless viral spread of the game. The figures indicate that the popularity of the game has not waned even despite the shutdown of the third-party trackers and a recent update which discontinued the game’s nearby tracking feature.

Highlighting the fact that the worldwide downloads of Pokémon Go have surpassed the 100 million mark, the latest App Annie report said that the new milestone has been reached by the game by recording nearly 25 million downloads in the last few days. Towards the end of July, the worldwide downloads of the game stood at 75 million.

Earlier, Pokémon Go surpassed the ‘50 million Android downloads’ milestone in a record time of 19 days after launch. Moreover, as per a disclosure by Apple, Pokémon Go recorded the maximum number of downloads ever on the App Store during a launch week.

Meanwhile, other than drawing attention to the unending viral spread of the Pokémon Go game, App Annie also said that the daily revenue figures for the game have also crossed the $10 million mark.

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