Ciaran Martin: UK is moving towards more active defence in cyberspace

Ciaran Martin: UK is moving towards more active defence in cyberspace

During the course of a speech at the Billington Cyber Security Summit in Washington, Ciaran Martin – the CEO of the UK’s new National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) – said that the UK is moving towards more active defence in cyberspace.

The speech at the Washington summit was Martin’s first public speech as the CEO of the NCSC. The center is officially scheduled for launch in October; and will take up the responsibility of safeguarding government infrastructure and other critical infrastructure.

Highlighting the fact that the NCSC’s plans involve the development of automated defences for offering protection against high-volume but relatively unsophisticated cyber-attacks, Martin said in his first public comments as NCSC chief that cyber crime can be effectively combated if the tech industry and government work more closely together.

With the NCSC to make efforts to take a lead on protecting government networks as well as other networks of national level importance, Martin outlined some of the ways in which the center would be more ambitious in bringing about an improvement in overall cybersecurity in the UK.

Warning that far too many unsophisticated cyber attacks have been successful of late, and are doing “a lot of damage,” Martin said: “The great majority of cyber attacks are not terribly sophisticated. They can be defended against. And if they get through their impact can be contained.”

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