VW releases teaser images of new electric vehicle concept car

VW releases teaser images of new electric vehicle concept car

According to a Digital Trends report, bigwig German automaker Volkswagen (VW) has recently released three teaser images of an all-new electric vehicle concept car which the company plans to introduce at the Paris Motor Show later this month.

The images released by VW chiefly show the sharp LED headlights and a thin grille of the company’s forthcoming electric vehicle concept car, which has not yet been named.

Going by the indications from the three teaser images, the LED lights of the electric vehicle concept car apparently highlight the fact that the car is going under futuristic influence. The lights are embedded below the emblem on the car’s front end, with high definition cameras replacing the car’s door mirrors.

Against the backdrop of the upcoming unveiling of the new electric vehicle concept car, which will likely be followed by a production vehicle, VW has been asserting that its next electric car will be as revolutionary as the Beetle.

In fact, in its marketing statements for the new electric car, VW has been touting the forthcoming vehicle as a “new ambassador to the automotive world.” In addition, VW has also been describing the electric car as “one-of-a-kind concept car” which signals the “brand’s entry into a new era.”

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