Nintendo to halt Wii U production this week

Nintendo to halt Wii U production this week

In recent reports, Japanese gaming site Nikkei and Eurogamer have revealed that Nintendo is apparently discontinuing its Wii U gaming console, with the production of the console likely to come to a halt this Friday.

The disclosure that Nintendo is stopping the production of its eighth-generation dud this week comes at a time when the company has efforts underway to ramp up its marketing and production for the launch of its new Nintendo Switch console in 2017.

Going by the last official calculations, the total worldwide sales of the Nintendo Wii U console – which was launched in November 2012 – have been approximately 13.36 million units; a figure which may rise slightly when the production of the console comes to a halt on Friday, completely flatlining the console’s sales.

The mentioned sales figures for the Wii U console are pretty disappointing, especially since its predecessor – the Nintendo Wii console, launched 2006 – was a hugely successful console which has sold nearly 101 million units across the world.

Meanwhile, according to Nintendo’s projections, the number of Wii U units which will likely be shipped by the company at the end of March 2017 will be almost 800,000; out of which 560,000 units have already been shipped by the end of September 2016.

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