Rochester Optical starts offering prescription lenses for Snap Spectacles

Rochester Optical starts offering prescription lenses for Snap Spectacles

On Thursday, lens manufacturer Rochester Optical said that it has started making prescription lenses for tech firm Snap Inc.'s highly coveted, camera-equipped sunglasses called Snap Spectacles.

The announcement implies that Rochester Optical is working with Snap, and apparently other tech companies as well, within the wearable devices space.

According to the announcement, customers can now start placing online orders for Rochester Optical's prescription lenses for Snap Spectacles sunglasses. Going by a Twitter post by the company, the turnaround time for prescription lenses for Spectacles is 2-3 days, plus one day of shipping when they are finished.

Rochester Optical said that the replacement prescription lenses for Spectacles will be available in clear optical, sun and photochromic versions. The cost of the standard plastic single-vision lens will be $99; while the high-index prescriptions will cost $149, the Polarized RX sun prescriptions will cost $199, and photochromic prescriptions will be priced at $199.

With regard to Rochester Optical's move to offer prescription lenses for Spectacles, the company's CEO Patrick Ho said in a statement Rochester Optical has already made lenses for other virtual- and augmented-reality devices
-- like Microsoft HoloLens, Google Glass and Intel's Recon Jet -- and added that "Spectacles are just a form of smart glasses without the heads-up display."

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