Area 51 gradually expanded, improved over last 32 years

Area 51 gradually expanded, improved over last 32 years

A Google timelapse has revealed that Area 51, the Nevada-based military testing facility which is believed to be one of the world’s most enigmatic locations, has been gradually expanded and improved by the U.S. military over the past three decades.

The so-called Area 51 has been a focal point of a number of conspiracy theorists and UFOlogists since the 1970s. Many claim that the secretive base houses secretive alien technology and know about UFOs.

Nigel Watson, who authored the UFO Investigations Manual, said, “Area 51 has always been a magnet for those who believe the US Government knows a lot more about UFOs than they are prepared to reveal to the public. People like the late Boyd Bushman … declared that Area 51 is a base where extraterrestrial spacecraft & technology is stored.”

It has always been fenced off from the public’s snooping eyes, with armed military guards swarming the surroundings.

Now, the Google timelapse has showed how the secretive military base has developed over the last 32 years. It has showed that the military has been expanding and improving the base at least since in 1984, when the first photos were taken.

The original runway at the base is now far wider as well as longer, while a second runway has been built further to the East. Military engineers have steadily been digging into the mountain to the base’s West side. An excavation site expanded over the decades, but its purpose remains unknown.

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