Groundbreaking: French Citizens Automatically Become Organ Donors with New Law

Groundbreaking: French Citizens Automatically Become Organ Donors with New Law

A new law introduced by the government will enroll all French citizens as organ and tissue donors automatically unless someone opts out of the list. The law has become effective from January 1 and medical community has appreciated the efforts made by lawmakers to pass the new law. People who don’t want to be on the list of organ donors, will have to enroll in National Rejection Register. Organ donation is important and medical experts across the world have urged people to donate organs so that people in need can receive them. However, in many regions, little progress has been made in motivating people to donate organs and tissue.

The newly introduced French law could change plight for many people who wait for a long time for organ donors and many people even die while waiting for organ transplant. In most of the cases, relatives of an individual decide if the organs should be donated, unless that person has indicated his choice regarding organ donation. The decision has been taken as the organ waiting list has been long for majority of ailments. Additionally, organ shortage led to death of many people while waiting for a donor. Organ shortage has been reported in many countries across the world.

Governments across the world have made it easier for people to enroll for organ donation. Many media campaigns have been run in the past to promote the cause. However, the enrollment numbers have remained low. Additionally, it is important to conduct organ extraction in a timebound manner in event of death.

A similar system of opt-out from organ donor list is already in place in some countries in Europe including Austria, Spain and Wales. After the law was announced in Spain and Austria, organ donation numbers have improved.

However, as per a report published by The Guardian, nearly 150,000 people have already opted out of the list of organ donors. The story published by The Guardian informed, “The authorities have promised to make it easier for those who wish to refuse by allowing them to join the register online instead of by registered post. The new law presumes consent for organs to be removed, even if it goes against the wishes of the family.”

A report published by Perf Science informed, "In 2014, medical researchers in the United Kingdom conducted a study and found that organ donation was significantly higher in countries with automatic enrollment to organ donation list."

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