ACER Showcases $9,000 Gaming Laptop at CES 2017

ACER Showcases $9,000 Gaming Laptop at CES 2017

Acer has showcased powerful gaming laptop costing $9,000 at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. The laptop with curved screen has been named Predator 21 by Acer and offers many interesting features. The 21-inch curved screen offers 2560x1080 resolution and featured 64GB DDR4-2400 RAM. The features of ACER Predator 21 don’t end here as it offers up to four 512 GB Solid state drives, offering good amount of storage with high reliability and speed compared to normal hard drives. Nvidid GeForce GTX graphics card has been added by Acer for amazing graphics in its high-end laptop.

The company aims to launch the laptop in February this year. Technology experts are not thrilled with the price tag of Acer’s Predator 21 as there are many powerful notebooks available in the market at much lower cost. There are five system fans to keep the laptop cool during operation.

Predator 21 will feature eye-tracking technology for more fun during playing games. The company informed that its eye-tracking technology, developed by technology company Tobii, will be available with 45 games. The technology enables people to aim at targets in a game by just looking at a specific section of the screen. While this feature won’t make much of difference in game playing skills of hardcore gamers, it will still be an interesting feature. Another interesting feature in Acer’s laptop is aspect ratio of 21:9.

While competitors launch gaming laptops in range of $800 – 1,500, ACER has taken a completely different approach by aiming at high end users. How many people would be interested in buying a $9,000 laptop is something that will clear up once Acer shares its sales data.

Acer had earlier showcased Predator 21 in Germany in August 2016. Acer is well aware of the demand that could be there for high-cost laptops. So, Acer also launched lower cost laptop in Predator line up. The Predator 17X costs $2,599.

The company also offers V15 and V17 for $1,119 and $1,299 respectively. Both these laptops also feature powerful Intel processors.

A report published by Gamers Nexus informed, “Preloaded on the Acer Predator 21 X is the PredatorSense software and the Xsplit Gamecaster software. The former being an application used for control of lighting, overclocking, and fans while the latter is aimed at game streaming and video editing.”

A report published by NORCAL News added, “Even with five cooling fans and 9 heatpipes, the ACER Predator 21 is relatively a low-noise machine. Acer has packed lot of features in its laptop but it is yet to be seen if consumers will prefer high-end laptops from Lenovo with value for money specifications.”

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