Donald Trump Predicts Further Breaking Up of European Union after Brexit

Donald Trump Predicts Further Breaking Up of European Union after Brexit

Donald Trump is known for making controversial statements and many of his statements are without any logic. In his first major interview to a UK-based news outlet after winning the U.S. elections, the President elect said that Brexit is a great move for Britain. Trump has probably forgotten than nearly 50 percent of British residents oppose Brexit. Additionally, the currency has dropped to its multi-year low. The currency market doesn’t spare any country when there is an underlying trouble for that country. There is no doubt that the European Union is facing tough time but the member states are confident to resolve these issues.

Trump said that countries in Europe want their identity. Trump added that his administration will be pushing ahead for a deal with the United Kingdom. Recent comment by European leaders about hard Brexit has pushed the currency to its three-month low on Monday.

Trump said that European Union will continue to break apart. In his interview to The Sunday Times, Trump said, "People, countries want their own identity and the UK wanted its own identity. I believe others will leave. I do think keeping it together is not gonna be as easy as a lot of people think. And I think this: if refugees keep pouring into different parts of Europe...I think it's gonna be very hard to keep it together, because people are angry about it."

Many economies in the European Union are already doing good and have picked up pace. The European leadership is working hard to resolve the refugee crisis which has become a major political issue in many countries across the European Union. The refugee crisis has made a big impact on many European countries. However, it should be considered as a major humanitarian move by European leadership.

Trump criticized Angela Merkel for opening up Germany for refugees. Trump added that Merkel is one of the most important leaders in Europe. Trump said Merkel made a "catastrophic mistake" by welcoming an influx of immigrants into her country. He indicated that a December attack at a German Christmas market by a Tunisian was one effect of Merkel's policies. It is yet to be seen if Merkel’s party is able to deal with the criticism in upcoming elections.

People in many parts of Europe are protesting against the governments. However, it should not be forgotten that Europe has played an important role in helping out the people in need. European countries will continue working on the issue and many of the issues related to refugee crisis have been resolved.

Angela Merkel faces tough elections as many people in Germany see her as directly responsible for refugee problems faced by Germany. The number of terror attacks in Germany in the recent times have spread fear among people but Merkel’s party still receives support from majority of Germans. The police and government departments are working hard to deal with influx of refugees. The number of refugees have declined in year 2016. In 2017, the numbers are expected to decline even further. Merkel accepted that her administration could have handled the refugee crisis in a better way.

France is also facing rise of nationalism but it is still early to say that Marine Le Pen’s National Front will be able to convert the aggression among people into votes. The country faces tough challenge to deal with migration from Arab countries but there are many other issues on which elections are fought and won.

However, the remarks made by Trump are without any logic. The European Union has served many purposes for the people of Europe and it has helped in trade and tourism across Europe.

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