Surprise: Airbus will be ready with 'flying car' prototype by year end

Surprise: Airbus will be ready with 'flying car' prototype by year end

Airbus CEO shared that his company will be ready with a 'flying car' prototype by the end of this year. We have heard many stories about researchers and few companies working on concept of flying car for better urban mobility. But, with Airbus stepping in the segment, this could be a reality. Airbus Group CEO Tom Enders surprised reporters with his announcement that the aviation giant is working on a self-piloted flying car prototype. Last year, Airbus formed Urban Air Mobility division to work on flying car and other advanced mobility solutions.

The company further informed that its flying car could be used by people under a ride-sharing system with the help of a mobile app. Airbus CEO Enders said that the concept is still in experimental phase but his company is considering this project seriously.

During a conference in Munich, Enders said, "One hundred years ago, urban transport went underground, now we have the technological wherewithal to go above ground. We are in an experimentation phase, we take this development very seriously."

Enders added that as a major player in aviation industry, Airbus would not want to be left out on an innovative and high-potential segment in travel segment. The company is working on autonomous driving and AI solutions for better mobility in future. Many cities face congestion due to high traffic and with flying cars, people can avoid traffic and reach their destination quickly. A cost-effective solution for urban mobility would find many takers, especially among business community.

Airbus has not indicated the amount the company is planning to invest in urban mobility solutions division.

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