Pokemon Go Registered $1.2 Billion in Revenue Last Year

Pokemon Go Registered $1.2 Billion in Revenue Last Year

Nintendo’s immensely popular game Pokemon Go made $1.2 billion in revenue during 2016. Pokemon Go fever hit many across the world and the company launched the game in many countries in different phases. The slow entry in different markets kept the game in the news and increased its popularity over time. Pokemon Go is surely the best thing to have happened to Nintendo in the recent years and the popularity of game pushed Nintendo’s market capital to new highs. The game was able to attract audience beyond the normal game playing users.

The ability of Pokemon Go to engage people who normally wouldn’t play games, has been termed as a major reason for its high popularity. Even politicians, celebrities and business leaders were seen playing Pokemon go. Now, the figures released by mobile app tracking company App Annie has given more details about success of Pokemon Go.

After Nintendo announced initial figures of success of Pokemon Go, the stock witnessed a strong rally, adding billions to market capitalization of the company. The game has been successful for its high user engagement capabilities. Events were organized at many cities across the world for game players. An event on Halloween for game players attracted thousands of gamers and has been termed as a first of its kind event for a mobile device based game.

The report published by App Annie said, “The game rose in a breathtaking fashion, reaching $US800 million ($1.05 billion) in consumer spend in 110 days. By the end of 2016, the game reached over $950 million ($1.2 billion) in consumer spend. This was far faster than some of the most successful mobile games of all time.”

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