Donald Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration and Refugees Faces Criticism

Donald Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration and Refugees Faces Criticism

While the U.S. President Donald Trump has been on executive order signing spree, he has faced backlash for his orders, especially the recent order on immigration ban for residents of 7 Muslim-dominated countries. Trump has faced backlash in United States with many people going on protest at major international airports in the United States. But, Trump and his administration has defended the order as a way to protect the United States against terror.

President Trump has taken tough action against immigration by banning seven countries for a period of 90 days. Even people having a valid visa have been banned to enter the United States for a period of 90 days. Trump administration will figure out a way to deal with the issue within 90 days and there could be strict control over movement of people from these countries.

But, Trump has faced serious protests across the United States. Many leaders across Europe have also condemned President Trump. However, his actions and the motive behind those actions should be understood before condemning his decisions. There have been many instances of terror being exported from many countries in the Middle East and West Asia. President Trump could have taken the action in a little more diplomatic fashion instead of putting a quick ban.

But, Trump has been working on the promises he made during his election campaign. While many political analysts were telling us that leaders talk lot of things during election campaigns but they don’t take those actions when they come in power. Trump has proved everyone wrong on this issue. He has taken action, within first week.

President Trump has proved that he can walk the talk. He said in his inauguration speech that it is now the time for action. And, President Trump has signed many orders, despite facing protests and backlash over those orders. He has been fearless, almost behaving the way he was doing during his election campaign.

At the moment, it will be difficult to say if Trump’s decisions will be good or bad for the United States. But, surely, he has started with the process of completing his election promises.

President Trump has a major task lined up ahead. He has to reduce the taxes and still make enough money for government spending. He plans to bring a major growth phase in the U.S. economy. With lower taxes, Trump can bring back investments in business sectors across the United States.

We will continue tracking the actions taken by President Trump. We will also closely watch the economic indicators in the United States, to see the impact of his decisions on the American economy.

The views expressed in this article are personal.

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