European Leaders Condemn President Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration

European Leaders Condemn President Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has condemned the immigration ban signed by the U. S. President Donald Trump for citizens of seven countries. Trump has been vocal about the risk he sees from Muslim countries and has repeatedly mentioned that he would take action to deal with those security issues.

President Trump has made comments about Angela Merkel’s failure to deal with refugee crisis. He mentioned in his recent interview that he considers Merkel as an important leader and a major force in European politics. However, he mentioned that he was disappointed with the way Merkel failed to listen to German residents regarding the issues caused by refugee crisis.

Merkel has refrained to make any comments on statements made by President Trump earlier. But, after his recent executive order, Merkel said, “It is not justified to put people from a specific background or faith under general suspicion to combat terrorism. The Geneva Refugee Convention requires the international community to take in refugees from war on humanitarian grounds.”

Trump’s decision has been stayed by the U. S. court. Many people from the seven countries named in the Presidential order, were detained at the airports. People across the country came in support of those facing the trouble due to President Trump’s order.

Earlier this week, UK leader Theresa May held a meeting with President Trump. May was in Turkey after meeting the U.S. President. She declined on comment on executive orders passed by President Trump. However, once she was back in the United Kingdom, May spoke against the decision taken by the U.S. President.

President Trump has repeatedly criticized NATO members such as Germany that do not spend two per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) on their militaries.

While Merkel has faced criticism and lower political rankings in Germany for helping out refugees by opening German borders, many leaders in Europe have condemned the way Europe has dealt with the issue.

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