What Can Joint Team of Marine Le Pen and Florian Philippot Achieve in France

What Can Joint Team of Marine Le Pen and Florian Philippot Achieve in France

Florian Philippot is considered as a close adviser to Presidential election hopeful Marine Le Pen from the far-right party in France. The policies planned right now and their campaign in upcoming months will tell if Le Pen can get support of French voters to be the next president of France. Le Pen and Philippot have been working hard and they think that Donald Trump winning the U.S. election is a strong sign that they can do the magic in France. France is suffering from refugee crisis and the current government has done little to deal with that. French voters feel that the government could have handled the issue better and terror attack last year have left many people wondering if the government is capable of providing them security.

The nationalist, anti-immigration Front National led by Marine Le Pen was jubilant after President Trump clinched the U.S. Elections. Le Men wasted no time in congratulating Mr. Trump and also informed her supporters that good days are coming for their party as well. Le Pen has also received support from French voters after surprise Brexit receiving a victory in the United Kingdom.

Instead of working with European leaders to find out a solution for the problems facing the European Union, Le Pen has pledged that she will take France out of the European Union, mainly to preserve French identity and values. Philippot, the party’s vice-president, has advocated the need for France to take control of its borders, economy and people’s livelihood. In his tweet after the U.S. elections, Philippot claimed Trump’s victory as a sign of a new world order.

He added, “Everything that yesterday was said to be impossible or improbable, has today become highly possible and highly probable.” He told supporters of his party that France will be the next to see the change. French voters will decide about the President in May this year.

“I’ve never considered myself either of the left or of the right. I always considered that division dead with the end of the cold war,” Philippot informed.

The world is changing. People have easy access to information. News spread fast on social media and this also helps rumors to spread among masses. European leaders have expressed concerns over state-sponsored attack from Russia in promoting fake news to influence the outcomes of elections in major European economies in 2017. For keeping control over what becomes popular on social media and to keep a watch on fake news, European leaders have asked Facebook and other social networks to deal with fake news.

Latest survey by Le Monde has put Le Pen as front runner in the French Presidential elections.

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