Francois Fillon and Marine Le Pen Face Financial Irregularity Issues

Francois Fillon and Marine Le Pen Face Financial Irregularity Issues

Frontrunners in French presidential elections are facing financial irregularities. Former Prime Minister Francois Fillon is facing inquiry after a local media company Le Canard Enchaine reported that he paid his wife nearly one million Euro from public funds for the work she had not done. As there was no evidence of her work during these years, French prosecutors will check the issue in detail. Far right leader Marine Le Pen has been accused by the European Parliament for diverting public funds and has been slapped with Euro 300,000 demand for making payments to her aides.

The European Parliament has claimed that Le Pen paid nearly Euro 300,000 to her aides who were shown as working in Brussels. However, they were working for her campaign in France. Le Pen has denied to make the payments to the European Parliament and has denied any wrongdoing.

Former Prime Minister Fillon has also denied any wrongdoing. Earlier, he had said that if he was charged in this case, he would drop from the Presidential election. However, in his new statement, he said that he will continue with his election campaign.

“When you choose to be candidate for the presidential elections you don’t complain afterwards about the violence of attacks,” Fillon said in a recent announcement.

As per NPR report, “Though Le Pen calls Islamic fundamentalism one of the biggest dangers facing France, she says she is not anti-Muslim. Le Pen says there are two kinds of Islam and one is completely compatible with French values.”

Major contest in France will be between Francois Fillon, Marine Le Pen and centrist Emmanuel Macron. Latest surveys suggest that Le Pen is leading the candidates in the race. However, till May, voter support and opinion can change with positive or negative news flow regarding candidates.

A recently conducted survey by Les Echos newspaper has suggested 5-6 point decline in support for Fillon at 19-20 percent of French voters. National Front leader Marine Le Pen has received additional support in recent surveys with 26-27 percent French voters supporting her. Centrist Emmanuel Macron currently enjoys support from 22-23 percent voters.

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