Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron hold Rallies in Lyon

Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron hold Rallies in Lyon

Far-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen and centrist Emmanuel Macron talked about their policies and they promises for French voters during their rallies in Lyon. Le Pen kicked off her Presidential election campaign in Lyon with a promise to French people to set the thing right. Macron stepped down as finance minister under Socialist president François Hollande. Macron is pro-EU and has promised French voters that he would take strong steps to deal with high unemployment in France.

Le Pen offered ‘freedom’ to French people. Le Pen has taken a strict view with elements of strong nationalism. She presented 144 ‘commitments’ to French voters. Among her major promises are France leaving the European Union, taxes on job contracts to foreigners and lower payroll taxes for small companies. She has also promised lowering income taxes for certain categories of workers. National Front is also aiming at reducing the retirement age.

However, Le Pen has few conditions under which she would trigger French Exit from European Union, if she gets elected in the upcoming presidential elections. Le Pen informed that she would immediately seek an overhaul of the European Union that would reduce it to a very loose cooperative of nations with no single currency and no border-free area. If EU leadership doesn’t agree to these conditions, she would trigger French exit from the European Union.

Le Pen is leading in the current surveys among French voters. Former Prime Minister Francois Fillon is facing allegations related to ‘fake job’ that offered public money to his wife and family. Fillon has denied the charges but his popularity among French voters has taken a hit.

Migration issue is a major point in Le Pen’s campaign. Her party has called French voters to vote for a change after surprise win for Brexit in the United Kingdom and win for Donald Trump in the United States.

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