President Trump’s Administration Appeals Travel Ban Suspension

President Trump’s Administration Appeals Travel Ban Suspension

President Trump has faced lot of criticism across the world and the United States after he announced travel ban for seven countries with majority of Muslim population. Trump has been facing protests across the United States and people are trying to tell him that United States is a country of immigrants. However, the protestors don’t understand the issue Trump has raised is about security of the people. He isn’t anti-immigration, Trump is working at closing the borders so that strict policies can be put in place for who is granted the right to enter the United States.

Trump has claimed that his executive orders are not anti-Muslim. He has pledged support for Syria by creating safe zones for Syrians in the country itself. Many Syrians have fled to Europe and other countries, seeking refuge there. However, those countries are facing stress on their system as they support refugees. The governments in those countries are facing opposition from many citizens who are concerned about their safety. The refugee crisis has led to strain among many European Union member states.

Under the garb of refugees, many economic migrants have received free entry in Europe. Not only free entry, they are receiving money and support from local governments. This is putting additional strain on public services and health system in these European countries. France and Germany are facing major stress on their system due to massive influx of refugees. Instead of protesting against Donald Trump, people should come up with support for Syrian government to deal with the crisis in Syria.

After the travel ban announced by Trump administration was stayed by a U.S. court, Trump condemned the action of the court. The U.S. government has appealed against the ruling. As the Trump administration appeals the suspension of its controversial travel ban, those affected by the restrictions are using their window of opportunity to get into the United States.

The problems Syrians are facing should be resolved. The problems can’t be solved by offering them refuge in other countries and breaking their families. The problems should be solved in their country itself. Many people in Syria have returned to their homes after the control of those regions has been taken back by Syrian government. The problems can be solved by helping the Syrian government deal with the issues.

President Donald Trump has pledged support for Syria by creating safe zones. European leadership and American government should work together with Russia and Turkey to create a stable environment in Syria.

President Trump has been defending his immigration crackdown on Twitter, warning of ‘death and destruction’ if ‘certain people’ are allowed in.

It is interesting to note that in a recent order, Kuwait has banned entry of citizens from five countries. No one is protesting against the order passed by the Kuwaiti government.

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