Francois Fillion Aiming to Get His Election Campaign Back on the Track

Francois Fillion Aiming to Get His Election Campaign Back on the Track

Former Prime Minister Francois Fillion has justified the payments made to his wife while he was in office. In his recent address, Fillon said that he hasn’t done anything wrong and his wife wasn’t paid for not doing anything. He added that the issue involving payments to his wife Penelope Fillon is an attempt to derail his election campaign.

A local magazine carried out an investigation into nearly one million euros paid by Fillon’s office to his wife. The magazine claimed that Penelope Fillon was paid for last 15 years and there wasn’t any evidence that she performed the jobs for which she was paid. The magazine is firm on its report and after it was blamed by Fillon, the magazine even blamed Fillon for paying his children from public money.

The issue led to decline in rankings for Francois Fillion among French voters. Fillon has blamed media for carrying the issue on front pages and said that he will continue with his campaign. Fillon has also urged French voters to support him.

Former French Prime Minister Francois Fillion was the first choice of French voters before the scandal appeared. It has been a common practice among French politicians to hire their family members. But, Fillon’s case is slightly different as there isn’t any proof of his wife actually working or assisting Fillon. Another reason for French voters leaving Fillon’s support is his campaigns motto of improving transparency.

Far-right leader of National Front Marine Le Pen has also faced a similar scandal and the European Parliament has asked her to pay back nearly 300,000 Euros which she has paid to her assistants. Instead of working in Brussels, her assistants were working on her party campaigns in France. Le Pen has declined to pay the said money to the European Parliament.

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