Protests in Paris Suburb After Reports of Police Brutality Against Black Man

Protests in Paris Suburb After Reports of Police Brutality Against Black Man

Paris is on high alert and protests were witnessed in suburb of Aulnay-sous-Bois after reports of police brutality with a Black man were published by local and international media. The reports suggest that a 22-year old Black Man was arrested by police and was sodomized with a baton. Hundreds of people marched on Parisian streets asking for justice.

Four police officers linked to the incident have been suspended. Interior Minister Bruno Le Roux informed that four police officers are facing investigation. Charges against one of them are serious while three face assault charges.

Meanwhile, the victim has urged people to remain calm regarding the issue. There were minor clashes reported at few places. Five people have been arrested by Police.

The protests in Paris were organized by Black Lives Matter France.

French president François Hollande visited the victim in hospital. As France is facing presidential elections, most Presidential candidates have condemned the incident.

Police officers asked the victim for his ID before they arrested him. The incident has been recorded on surveillance camera.

Dominique Sopo, head of the SOS Racisme NGO, added: “People living in working class housing estates should not be considered as second-class citizens, they need to be treated with a more respect.”

French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has also criticized the incident.

French police is facing staff shortage and with higher number of immigrants, they have reported higher work related stress. Last year, police staff in Paris protested against increased working hours and higher work load.

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