Marine Le Pen Talks about French Border Control, Spending in Francs and ‘Made in France’

Marine Le Pen Talks about French Border Control, Spending in Francs and ‘Made in France’

Far-right party National Front’s leader Marine Le Pen has been talking about taking the power back to France from the European Union. However, her talks have become important as she has become the frontrunner in the first phase of French presidential elections. Le Pen has talked about taking France out of European Union. While launching her campaign, Le Pen said that she will ensure that French guard their borders and deal with illegal immigration and refugee issues.

Le Pen also talked about ditching Euro and starting dealing in Francs once again. She also talked about ‘national policy’ which would give preference to French citizens in public housing and many other services compared to EU citizens and migrant population. Le Pen was not considered as an important player in French elections. She has gained popularity after Presidential candidate Francois Fillon’s campaign suffered a setback due to scandal involving paying his wife from public funds.

Le Pen and her party are confident about people’s support for their campaign after Brexit and Donald Trump’s win in the U.S. elections. Le Pen has openly criticized the policy about migration and refugee issues. She said that immigrants take away jobs from French people and they are stealing away French identity. Le Pen launched her election manifesto in Lyon. She also talked about giving preference to French companies in public contracts.

National Front official Jean-Lin Lacapelle said, “The survival of France is at stake. It’s the first time we’ve been so close to the goal.”

Most political experts suggest that Le Pen will be successful in first round of Presidential elections but she won’t get majority support during the second round of elections.

A report published by Associated Press informed, “France’s 10 percent jobless rate, growing disgust with politics as usual and the disarray of its political establishment both on the right and left have boosted the appeal of the National Front. Marine Le Pen has worked to shed the party’s image as a pariah for its racist, anti-Semitic profile under the leadership of her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen.”

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