Fillion’s Spokesman Thierry Solere Faces Tax Evasion Allegations

Fillion’s Spokesman Thierry Solere Faces Tax Evasion Allegations

Presidential candidate and former French Prime Minister Francois Fillon’s election campaign suffered another setback after fresh Canard Enchaine report suggested that Fillon’s spokesman Thierry Solere is facing alleged tax evasion investigation. Solere has denied the charges and has also threatened to sue Canard Enchaine for libel. The same satirical newspaper first published reports about former Prime Minister Fillon’s payments to his wife and children from public funds.

The report published in the newspaper claimed that Mr. Solere was the target of a preliminary tax fraud investigation by the public prosecutor in the Paris suburb of Nanterre. The report further informed that Mr. Solere failed to disclose some of his income between year 2010 and 2013.

The report added that public prosecutor confirmed that inquiry was ongoing but has not revealed any further information.

Fillon had denied the charges and claimed that the reports were aiming to derail his presidential election campaign. Support from French voters for Fillon declined after he wasn’t able to give proper justification for payments made to family members from public funds. With just nine weeks to first phase of Presidential elections, Fillon has been pushed to third rank in terms of support from voters. Before the scandal emerged, Fillon was frontrunner in presidential elections. There were suggestions to replace Fillon as party candidate but he has denied to step down.

New reports and political experts believe that Emmaneul Macron has strong chances of winning French presidential elections. However, Macron has recently blamed Russia and Russian media for attack on his campaign. Russia has denied any involvement and has termed Macron’s allegations as baseless.

With fresh reports about Mr. Solere’s tax evasion inquiry, Fillon campaign could face further setback in French elections.

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