Elon Musk Offers Free Repair to Heroic Tesla Model S Driver in Munich

Elon Musk Offers Free Repair to Heroic Tesla Model S Driver in Munich

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has appreciated heroic Tesla Model S driver who saved life of another driver on German autobahn after he saw in unconscious in his Volkswagen Passat. Musk has also offered free repair of Model S of Manfred Kick on Twitter.

The incident was reported by local newspaper Munchen Merkur and was published by international press. Manfred Kick was driving on autobahn near Munich when he noticed a Volkswagen Passat being driven erratically. As he saw the car hitting the guardrails multiple times, he checked further on the driver. He noticed that the driver was unconscious. Kick decided to help the driver and took a bold decision of overtaking Passat. He reduced speed of his Model S and was able to slowly bring both the cars to a halt.

After offering first aid to Volkswagen driver, Manfred Kick called emergency services. The emergency staff informed reporters that Volkswagen driver suffered a minor stroke and lost consciousness. Kick’s timely action has earned him lot of praise online.

After hearing about Kick’s story, Tesla CEO Musk offered free repairs for his Model S. Musk added that his team in Germany will expedite the repairs of Kick’s vehicle.

Tesla has improved self-driving features on its vehicles and Musk recently announced that Tesla vehicles will have full self-driving capabilities within 3-6 months.

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