UPS Tests Drones for Delivery of Packages

UPS Tests Drones for Delivery of Packages

UPS has tested delivery of packages with drones and the company still needs improvement in its technology for delivery with drones. UPS said that it will be able to improve efficiency in rural areas with use of drones. The packages to be delivered by drones will launch from UPS vans. The technology still needs fine tuning as UPS is aiming to use drones to deliver packages and then return back to delivery van even as the van moves in the region for other deliveries.

The test phase was conducted in Tampa, Florida. Ohio-based electric truck and drone technology developer Workhorse Group is helping UPS in delivery technology using drones.

Amazon has been testing delivery of packages via drones. Among online retailers, Amazon’s delivery via drones is at an advanced stage. The company has also improved its logistics network to improve delivery time for goods ordered on its network.

Talking about done delivery testing by UPS, Senior Vice President of Global Engineering and Sustainability Mark Wallace said, “The test was unlike anything UPS has done with drones thus far. The company is already using drones to deliver blood and vaccines to hard-to-reach locations in Rwanda, but this is the first time UPS has used the technology for non-urgent residential deliveries.”

According to UPS Vice President of Engineering, John Dodero, “The company’s goal is to have drones work off of any type of vehicle, whether gas-powered or electric, to make last-mile deliveries. That nest that we have on top of the car would be able to be put on any car, but we have to make sure it has the capabilities and it’s set up to do the charging.”

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