New Survey Projects Emmanuel Macron ahead of Marine Le Pen

New Survey Projects Emmanuel Macron ahead of Marine Le Pen

Emmanuel Macron has better support from French voters compared to Marine Le Pen, as per latest Harris Interactive poll. Macron was ranking second in the surveys conducted till date for French Presidential elections but for the first time, he is shown as frontrunner. The Harris Interactive poll suggests that Macron could get support from 26 percent French voters and Le Pen would rank close at 25 percent voters supporting her campaign.

After Macron revealed his campaign manifesto, he has gained nearly 6 percent more votes, as per the latest polls. The mood of French voters is changing quickly as two major candidates have been involved in public funding scandals.

Francois Fillon faced decline in support after he was accused for misuse of public funds in a fake jobs scandal. Fillon denied the charges but French voters have shown their preference for other candidates. Fillon’s ranking dropped from first place to third after the scandal.

Marine Le Pen is also facing charges for misuse of European Parliament funds for her campaign staff. She has been asked for returning nearly 300,000 Euro. Le Pen has also denied the charges.

The Harris Interactive poll suggests that Fillon could get 20 percent votes in the first round of Presidential elections.

In the second round of Presidential elections, majority of political experts suggest an easy victory for Macron.

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