Armed Teen Held after Grasse School Shooting

Armed Teen Held after Grasse School Shooting

Grasse school shooting incident shocked French people as three people suffered gunshots while five others were injured during stampede after the incident. A teenager has been held by plice. In southeastern French town near Cannes, the shooting incident at the cafeteria of the Tocqueville high school has left many people shocked.

Gun violence in schools is rare in France. After the incident, schools in Grasse were locked down. Local authorities urged parents to stay away and to not act in panic.

After first gunshots, students at cafeteria were seen hiding under tables or looking for exit from the scene. Reports suggest that the gunman was heavily armed with several weapons. Security agencies informed that there were two people involved in attack but only one teenager has been arrested till the filing of this report.

Emmanuel Ethis, head of local educational services, said, "Students are safe. Thank you to parents for not coming yet so that security forces can operate."

Early reports from the city suggest that the teenager caught by police was generally a well-behaved person. An eyewitness said, “I just know the gunman by sight. He was gentle and low-key, not a nasty guy.”

Security agencies have confirmed that the incident was not a ‘terror’ activity. They are still trying to understand the reason behind violence at school cafeteria.

An official report informed, “The person arrested is a 17-year-old student, previously unknown to police, who was carrying an array of weapons, including a rifle, two handguns and two grenades.”

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