Francois Fillon Faces Major Setback on Putin Ties Report

Francois Fillon Faces Major Setback on Putin Ties Report

French Presidential candidate Francois Fillon’s campaign faced another setback as satirical newspaper Le Canard Enchaine reported connection of former Prime Minister with Vladimir Putin. Le Canard Enchaine report suggested financial ties of Fillon with Russian government. The report has been declined by Russian official Dmitry Peskov as ‘another fake’ news. Fillon’s campaign has suffered major setbacks after reports published by Le Canard.

The report claimed that Fillon received 50,000 euros for setting up a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin, Total SA CEO and a Lebanese billionaire in 2015.

Latest survey conducted by Elabe has suggested 0.5 percentage point decline for Fillon’s campaign at 17 percent support from French voters.

Before the reports of ‘fake jobs’ scandal emerged, Fillon was frontrunner in French Presidential elections. Fillon is already facing a government probe in misuse of funds under ‘fake jobs’ scandal.

In the last two surveys conducted by different agencies, Emmanuel Macron has emerged as favorite candidate among French voters with 26 percent support. Macron has small lead over Marine Le Pen in the first round of presidential elections.

As per Bloomberg report, “Le Pen also lost half a point in the Elabe poll, falling to 24.5 percent. Macron would beat the National Front leader by 28 points in the runoff on May 7, Elabe projected.”

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