Fillon Faces Angry Protestors in Southwest France

Fillon Faces Angry Protestors in Southwest France

Presidential candidate Francois Fillon faced angry protestors during an election rally in southwest France. Fillon’s aides were forced to use umbrellas to shield him from angry protestors throwing eggs on him and his close supporters.

Fillon’s campaign rankings have faced a steep decline after a ‘fake jobs’ scandal emerged. Fillon is currently facing an investigation regarding misuse of public funds.

Fillon is currently placed third during the first round of French presidential elections. Emmanuel Macron is leading opinion polls, followed by far-right leader Marine Le Pen.

Macron is receiving tremendous support across France. With opinion polls suggesting and easy win for Macron over Le Pen in the second round of Presidential elections, French voters are confident that Macron could be the next French President.

During an election rally in the French island of La Reunion, Macron said, "It's historic, we need to decide whether we want to be afraid of the century that has just started ... or want to bring fresh ambition to France."

Fillon and Le Pen have been blamed for misuse of public funds and repeated media reports about ongoing investigation have led to campaign decline for Fillon. Many senior leaders in Fillon’s party were suggesting his replacement two weeks back but Fillon managed to quell those voices.

In a BVA poll published on Saturday, Macron has been projected to get 26 percent votes, followed by Le Pen at 25 percent.

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