Macron and Le Pen remain front runners in Presidential Elections

Macron and Le Pen remain front runners in Presidential Elections

The latest opinion polls suggest 25 percent support for Emmanuel Macron and 24 percent support for Marine Le Pen. As both the frontrunners lost a percentage point in the latest opinion polls, Francois Fillon gained two points with 19 percent voters supporting him.

Majority of political analysts suggest that Macron has high chances of winning the second round of Presidential elections. The fight in the first round would be close as most of the opinion polls have suggested.

During a rally in Marseille, Macron told his supporters, “The National Front, our main opponent, is attacking us on all sides. Never boo them. Fight them. I want us to kick far from this campaign and from the country the party of hatred and contempt and all those who make us so ashamed. We are going to be ahead in the first round and we're going to beat them.”

The current elections have witnessed many changes in the recent weeks. Frontrunner Fillon’s ranking dropped to third place after a ‘fake jobs’ scandal hit his election campaign. Despite Fillon denying any wrongdoing, voter support for him declined after the news reports emerged.

In the recent weeks, 63 percent for supporters for Macron said that they surely will vote for him. Compared to Macron, 81 percent of voters supporting far right leader Le Pen informed that they will surely vote for her.

Fillon is gaining ground in the recent opinion polls and he informed his supporters that he will fight till the end.

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