5 Paris Museum Exhibits To See This Spring

Do you need something to do in Paris in the springtime? For those in need of suggestions, Rachel Holman of France24.com recently posted an article titled “Africa, Picasso and Racism: Five Art Exhibits to See in Paris This Spring.” Holman’s top 5 recommendations are:

1. “Art/Afrique, Le Nouvel Atelier” at the Fondation Louis Vuitton

This show exhibits the work of visual artists from sub-Saharan Africa. The exhibition’s three parts include a collection of artworks belonging to French businessman Jean Pigozzi, a collection of works from South African artists exploring their changing experiences during and after Apartheid, and works by artists of African descent working outside of Africa, including African-American artists.

2. "Mécaniques Remontées" at the CENTQUATRE-Paris

Translated into English as “Lift Mechanics,” this exhibit showcases the works of Swiss artist Zimoun. Holman describes the kinetic sculptures as “minimalist sound sculptures.” Architecture, movement, and sound combine with everyday objects such as plywood and cardboard in Zimoun’s mesmerizing machines.

3. “Nous et Les Autres” at the Musée de l’Homme

This exhibition, which can be translated as “Us and Them,” explores the origins of racism, prejudice, and populism. Incorporating fields of study from anthropology to biology, history to sociology, the exhibit is less about visual arts and more about a learning experience. Visitors are placed inside participatory situations and experience incidents of discrimination firsthand to deepen their understanding.

4. “Oeuf (‘Egg’)” at the Palais de Tokyo

In this performance piece, museum visitors can watch French performance artist Abraham Poincheval as he attempts to hatch a nest of chicken’s eggs inside a vivarium. Guy de Maupassant’s short story “Toine,” published in 1885, was Poincheval’s inspiration.

5. “Primitive Picasso” at the Musée du Quai Branly

“Primitive Picasso” explores Pablo Picasso’s interactions with non-European art and its possible influences on his work. Showing off pieces Picasso collected from various parts of the world, the museum compares the work he collected to some of Picasso’s productions.

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